Laser Hair Growth Stimulator

Are you experiencing hair loss and discouraged because you can't make it stop? The Laser Massage Growth Stimulator uses bio stimulating vibration technology to stimulate circulation to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth!
This technology uses laser phototherapy that sends low-level laser light energy into your hair follicles. The combined action of 3 beams of light plus a massage function significantly increases hair strength, improves hair quality and stops hair loss. 



  • 7 Red 660 nanometre energy diodes stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles
  • 7 Blue 470 nanometre energy diodes regenerate the surface of the hair follicle
  • High precision laser beam nourishes the root of the hair and helps makes hair follicles thicker
  • The soft infrared wavelength enhances blood circulation and stimulates oxygen production to the hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss and encourage hair regeneration.
  • Regulates oil secretion.