Lip & Eye Collagen Booster

Wrinkle therapy has never been so easy and affordable! Our Lip & Eye Collagen Booster is a game-changing tool that uses high-frequency micro-vibration and red/blue light therapy to increase collagen production, firm, smooth, and repair skin cells for beautiful youthful-looking results.



  • Up to 8000 rpm high-frequency micro-vibration
  • Temperture range from 42 ℃ ± 3 ℃
  • Blue & Red light therapy
  • Can be used with desired essential oils
  • USB charging 
  • Elliptic arch surface to achieve deep skin penetration
  • Auto shut off after 10 minutes


How To Use:

  • Clean your face and apply a generous amount of essential oil or serum.
  • Press for 1.5s to turn on the machine. It will give out a buzz and a green indicator light when it's on.
  • Short press to shift between the red & blue mode: Blue light sets it at room temperature and the red light increase the temperature to a heat setting 
  • After use,  press for 1.5 seconds to turn off the machine. Once you hear a double buzz, then turn off.
  • Rinse off the tool with warm water and a dry cloth.