Glute Muscle Stimulator

Are you tired of working out 5 days a week but are still seeing minimal results on your glutes?  Finally, a solution to upgrade your workouts with the Glute Muscle Stimulator to get the  Get the voluminous shape you have been striving for!

Take your workouts to the next level by incorporating this newly designed Hip and Glute Trainer!  Attach this body trainer to your hips and glutes and allow the EMS technology to firm and tone your muscles.


  • 10 frequency conversion modes.
  • Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the hips
  • Bluetooth remote control


Battery Type: 2 AAA Battery( Not Included )
Use Mode: 6 Modes, 10 Intensity
Working Time: 12 Minutes( Each Setup )
Gel Sheet Pad Size: 10.0 * 5.5cm / 3.9 * 2.2inch, 5.5 * 3.2cm / 2.2 *