Cavitation Body Sculptor

Lose weight and sculpt your body with the Cavitation Body Sculptor!
This is a portable, handheld fat burning and body sculpting device that reduces fat deposits in targeted areas and enhances skin elasticity. Its electromagnetic waves aid in slimming and toning the body. Using advanced heat therapy technology also works to rejuvenate your skin.  



  • Tapping
  • Massage
  • Knead
  • Scrapping
  • Slimming



  • Ultrasonic waves can alter the cells' movement, resulting in a massaging motion. This movement produces a slight increase in temperature, creating a more permeable epidermis. This promotes better skin absorption, regenerates tissues, and accelerates metabolism. It can also melt away fat and repair blood vessels.
  • Carbon fibre material surrounds the device's probe that generates infrared rays. This penetrates deep into the skin, improving skin quality and metabolism.
  • Massages the muscles with microcurrents to target the surrounding tissue at fat cells.
  • The high-frequency emitted ranges from 60 to 4000 per second